Who We Are

Welcome to Builder Elite, where building your business is our blueprint for success. Founded in Melbourne by George Passas, we empower builders with the tools and strategies needed to construct a business as robust as their projects. From increasing profits to laying the foundation for long-term growth, we’re in the business of elevating standards and constructing success.

Builder Elite stands at the forefront of change in the construction industry. As a premier Melbourne-based business consulting firm, our core purpose is to guide and nurture builders through transformative growth. Our inception in 2020 was more than just the launch of a company; it was the beginning of a movement to prevent builders from becoming a statistic in Australia’s top five industries for bankruptcy.

Our founder, George Passas, brings a wealth of knowledge from his success with Pascon, recognizing the potential to make a lasting impact. We offer specialized training and mentoring, designed to not only stabilize but also to expand builder businesses and raise the bar of industry standards. At Builder Elite, we are committed to building success stories, one builder at a time.

What You Will Get From Builder Elite?


Builders find that things start to happen very quickly for their business after hiring a coach.


We have the industry knowledge and know how to scale a building business or take a already good business and make it great.


Getting the knowledge and strategies that have been already proven to work means you have the time to act fast and have the freedom you want alongside your business.


With in person events all the way through to learning centres and video tutorials we are re defining how the builders can work on their success tools.

Success Stories

Having worked with large construction companies all my life it was a big change running my own residential construction business. We found it challenging securing projects due to our approach when tendering and dealing with clients. By incorporating teachings learnt from George at Builder Elite, we now have a powerful process that has clients working to our process all the way from enquiry, tender, construction to handover.

Ali Z
As a carpenter newly turned builder I had almost nothing set up as far as what was required or needed to run a successful construction business. My investment with George at Builder Elite has helped me learn from his experiences rather than my mistakes. Knowing I’m doing things right from day one with regards to contracts, cashflow, systems and procedures is a huge burden off my chest and has given me the full confidence to deliver quality projects.
Luke C
Before working with George at Builder Elite we had no systems or clear delivery of projects. It resulted in high stress and pressure for myself, employees and contractors onsite. Over the last 15 months, we’ve worked closely with George implementing proven strategies, systems and procedures into our organisation, which has resulted in us taking control of the business and lives. We are on track to have our biggest year to date with $30m worth of work secured.

Eddie K