Our Story

Welcome to Builder Elite – Where Excellence Meets Construction

At Builder Elite, our journey began with a vision to redefine excellence in the construction industry. Founded by the visionary George Passas from Pascon, we have evolved into a pivotal platform for builders striving to reach the pinnacle of their capabilities.

Rooted in Expertise and Passion

Our founder George Passas, with his profound expertise and unwavering passion, recognized the potential in every builder and the latent need for a guiding force. Builder Elite emerged as that guiding light, a beacon for builders who aspire to not just build structures, but to construct dreams.

Our Pillars of Excellence

Systems: We believe in the power of well-structured systems. Our approach is to streamline processes, ensuring efficiency and quality in every project. With our guidance, builders learn to implement robust systems that are the backbone of any successful construction business.

Branding: Understanding the significance of branding in the modern world, we assist builders in creating a unique identity. Your brand is not just your logo or slogan, it’s the essence of your reputation and values. We help in sculpting a brand that resonates with your vision and appeals to your clients.

Wealth: The goal of any business is prosperity, and we place immense focus on financial growth and stability. Builder Elite empowers builders with the knowledge and tools to create sustainable wealth, ensuring a profitable and thriving future.

Vitality: Recognizing the demanding nature of the construction industry, we emphasize the importance of vitality – both in business and personal health. Our philosophy is to nurture a balance, encouraging builders to invest in their well-being for sustained energy and focus.

A Community of Like-Minded Builders

Joining Builder Elite means becoming part of a community that shares your aspirations and challenges. Lead by George Passas who isn’t just another “business coach”. George, Founder & Director of Pascon; a successful 8 figure Company building architectural homes Bayside in Melbourne will show you how he’s been able this from the ground up.

Our Mission & Values

At Builder Elite, our mission is to empower builders to achieve unparalleled excellence in the construction industry. We are committed to fostering growth and innovation through our four foundational pillars: Systems, Branding, Wealth, and Vitality. Our aim is to streamline processes for efficiency and quality, cultivate strong and distinct brand identities, guide towards sustainable wealth creation, and encourage a balance of vigor in both professional and personal realms. We envision a community where every builder is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support to not only construct exceptional structures but also build a legacy of success and fulfillment. United by our passion for construction and excellence, we strive to transform the industry, one builder at a time.